Learn WordPress

WordPress is a CMS which allows you to create website quickly without coding. It allows you to use menus to finalize website design and add content to it. WordPress runs on PHP code. So, if you want to learn to use WordPress on local computer, you need to install XAMPP first. Here is video to install XAMPP:

Once done, you can download wordpress and place its unzipped folder in htdocs folder. Detailed process to do it is explained in this video:

Once you install WordPress you can work on various WordPress menus, install plugins, etc. Plugins provide readymade functionalities for a website. Here is a method how to install a plugin in WordPress:

You can also create pages in WordPress, posts in WordPress website, design menus, etc.

To know how to fully work on WordPress, buy this book: https://www.amazon.com/Learn-WordPress-Make-websites-Ziscom-ebook/dp/B07ZWGCF9Y/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ziscom&qid=1651757517&sr=8-2

If you want PDF version of book, you can get it here: https://ziscom.today/product/learn-wordpress/

Good luck with your website creation journey!!!

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