Get News, except your excluded topics!

Do you like News however some topics are interfering your daily feed of news? Register at to get the News except the excluded topics. It will allow you to read all the News except the news which have those particular words. In this way you can easily avoid irritating repeated news. Here is video showing how to do it in Dashboard, after login:

You may not be interested in politics news, some personality news or a particular topic news which is not of your interest however their news get repeated over and over again in News. Here you have choice to add topic related words in Dashboard area and you won’t get News which contain those words.

Every time you find a news containing particular words, not of your interest, you can add those words and news including those words will not show to you.

You also have the option to get your own News/Ad posted on the website. Contact with picture, News heading and description. It will be approved and edited. Cost to post a news in is $10.00 which can be paid at 

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