Developing your WordPress website


Develop a WordPress website.

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If you want a professional WordPress website, its cost depend on various factors, such as

  1. Cost of online hosting provider
  2. Cost of domain name for website
  3. Cost of themes available online.
  4. Cost of any paid plugins your website need.
  5. Cost of fixing everything up.
  6. Cost of designing and developing.

We can do 5. and 6. point for you at a very small price of hundred dollars for you. Rest you need to buy and provide us to fix everything up, including host, domain name, theme, text, images and overall design. We can also buy it for you at additional price.


Mainly freelancers cost around $13/hour and it take them few days to fix everything up which may extend up to few weeks to few months based on requirements.

We are providing service at a minimal price for overall website setup which may take us few days.

(For detailed additional tasks, additional prices apply.)


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