Learn PHP

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Learn PHP



PHP is a web development language. One can make websites, work on its multiple readymade branches link CMS (Content management systems) and MVCs (Model View Controllers), etc. with the knowlege of PHP code.

In this book you will learn basics of PHP from history, extensions, characteristics, installation of PHP on your system in step-by-step manner, simple programs to keywords, operators, variables, datatypes, standards to write code, loops, conditional statements, numbers, functions, arrays with their various types and examples with simple PHP working programs with written explanation of everything easy to understand and run the code.

You will find programs linked to each topic with running code and detailed explanation on each line of code.

You also learn Forms, their fields, attributes, validations, upload files, forms in PHP, sessions, cookies, file handling, handling MySql database with different queries each with a proper examples, in a serial manner and easy to understand language.

You get additionally a lot of other important advanced PHP functions with working PHP programs, OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) PHP examples with details and a lot more.


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